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Best Condo Pools in Destin

Family on a yellow float in a pool
30 May 2018
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Looking for the perfect Destin condo pool for you and your family? We've got all the details on the perfect places to splash around and soak up the sun with your loved ones. Whether you need a one bedroom for a romantic getaway or multiple bedrooms for the whole family, these Destin condos with awesome pools are sure to please.

#1 - LUAU Beachside Condos at Sandestin

Birds eye view of pool at LUAU in Destin

The huge free form design pool at LUAU Beachside is only made better by an in-pool center island with palm trees and shrubs! The patio also has palm trees sprinkled throughout and there is an adjacent hot tub so parents can keep an eye on their kids while relaxing. The pool and hot tub area backs up to a medium-sized pond, offering a great variety of water options.

Where to stay at LUAU: LUAU 7029, LUAU 7027, LUAU 6930, LUAU 6507, LUAU 6222

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#2 - Terrace at Pelican Beach

Rooftop Pool in Destin Florida

Can you say rooftop views? The raised deck pool at Terrace at Pelican Beach puts you in reach of the palm trees which line the pool. The hot tub is nestled under a quaint cabana to create some privacy, and sits just on the edge of the deck to offer some spectacular views. Terrace at Pelican Beach is also right across from Big Kahuna Waterpark, so the options for water adventures are unlimited!

Where to stay at Terrace at Pelican Beach: Terrace at Pelican Beach 206

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#3 - The Enclave

Enclave Pool Destin

The large community style pool at the Enclave is what a lap-swimmer dreams of. The beautiful multi-colored brick patio has plenty of lounge seating and sits in full sun. We love the Enclave because you get access to tennis courts, volleyball courts and a grill. Bring your family and BBQ fixings and enjoy a fun day of sports, grilling and splashing around in the pool. 

Where to stay at the Enclave: Enclave Condo 701AEnclave Condo 402A

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#4 - Silver Beach Towers

Birds Eye View of Pools at Silver Beach Tower Destin

Condos at Silver Beach Towers boast two of the largest swimming pools in the Destin area. Accompanied by a large tanning deck to lounge on and two hot tubs, there's never a shortage of swimming space at Silver Beach Towers. From a birdseye view, the two pools almost look like the batman symbol! Silver Beach Towers is also a beachfront condo complex, so you get ocean access and a great pool when you choose to stay here.

Where to Stay at Silver Beach Towers: Silver Beach Towers 903E, Silver Beach Towers 1102E

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#5 - Bay Pine Cottages

Pool at BayPines in Destin

The pool at Bay Pine Cottages is on our list for its extremely relaxing atmosphere. A quaint pool is adjacent to a hot tub, both lined with tall trees that sway in the wind. Lounge chairs line the brick patio, and wooden benches face outward towards natural beauty. 

Patio Opening to a small body of water in Destin

Follow the wooden benches just a few feet from the pool, and you'll encounter a dock which opens to a small body of water. It's the perfect place to watch a sunset and enjoy a picnic or cocktail. 

Where to stay at Bay Pine Cottages: My Happy Place

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#6 - Augusta Village

Pool at Augusta Village

We love the community pool at Augusta Village Condos because of the privacy it allows. The modest pool is kept very clean and is surrounded by big trees which offer plenty of shade from the hot Florida sun. The pool is lined with beautiful sand colored bricks, staying cool while protecting from slips and falls. 

Where to stay at Augusta Village: Augusta Village 524

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