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Beaches Galore

7 Jan 2016
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Local Flavor

Destin is the most sought after destination mainly for one thing, the beaches. Whether you are staying on a private beach or enjoying the public beach it's the same pretty water and sugar white sand. There are plenty of public beach accesses all along the coast. Some are extremely popular others are more secluded.  The most popular beaches sit along the scenic route also known as Crystal Beach. This is the center of where most vacation rentals are.  Popular restaurants sit along the beach such as Pompano Joe's and The Crab Trap. A not so familiar public beach access sits on the other side of the Destin bridge. Too few people adventure over the bridge not knowing there is public beach area. This spot is popular due to how close the beach sits to the water line making it popular for families with small children. If you walk long enough you will end up on the secluded side close to what is known as The Jetty's or the big rocks that go way out into the water.  If you want exclusive beach access for a small fee you can enter Henderson State Park this is always a great spot with spacious gazebos. The park also features a rare occurrence while at the beach, bathrooms! The city of Destin may be small but there is enough beach space that everyone can enjoy without being toe to toe.