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Fun By The Harbor

16 Jun 2016
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Local Flavor

Summer has kicked off in Destin. School is out and the kids are ready to enjoy their summer. We went down to the Harborwalk Village last Thursday for their Red, White, & Blue celebration. We loved the atmosphere. Smiling kids, live music, good food. I love that we can enjoy fireworks every week instead of once a year in July. It was crowded but not in the annoying I can’t get through way. We took a break and sat down to enjoy the live music and eat a treat. Being a local means every day is summer for us. Even after work we can go be tourist for the night and forget we have to go back to our normal house without the beach view.

Although we got there after the celebrations had kicked off I would recommend getting there early. Parking was an issue and driving in circles for a while with two anxious kids can be rather trying. We chose to have dinner down by the harbor. I love sitting where I can enjoy a nice sunset and the boats coming in from a long day of fishing.  A real treat was the old fighter planes doing a pretty cool air show. This town really goes big when it comes to keeping guests entertained.

The fireworks are shot off from the Harbor providing an up close show with loud booms. I was slightly worried the kids would be fearful of the loud noise but they were delighted with the huge fireworks. We took a seat on the edge of one of the docks. I saw a helicopter flying around the show. That must be an amazing sight flying around the fireworks.

I love when summer finally comes. It’s like the town comes back to life and the days are endless. There is never a dull moment and keeping the kids busy isn’t a challenge. We’re looking forward to our Thursday trips to Harborwalk Village for the rest of the summer.