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Things to Look For in a New Property Manager

17 Mar 2021
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Property Management

If you recently purchased an investment property or you're looking for a new property manager for your vacation rental, you might have a few questions. There's a lot to consider when looking into a property management company that can meet your needs and goals. Be diligent in researching a potential property management company to learn about their policies, how long they've been in business, where they are located, and how they operate to ensure the success of your investment property. 

Destin Getaways is a vacation rental property management company based out of Destin Florida with nearly two decades of experience working with home buyers, vacation property owners, and travelers. 

Locally Based Company

What are the benefits of working with a locally-based company? There are a lot! Local property management companies know the ins and outs of the local industry, making it easy to understand trends and adjust quickly if needed. Plus, locally based property management companies are available if any issues arise while guests are staying at your home. 

Another huge benefit is that they are familiar with the area and the type of guests that visit. A local company can offer valuable insight to your guests, such as things to do, area events, attractions, and more. 

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Years in Business

Vacation rentals are gaining popularity these days, and with that comes many new vacation rental property managers entering the game. While it's great that vacation rentals are a more common option for travelers and property owners, the abundance of new property managers can be daunting. 

Destin Getaways opened in 2003 and has witnessed the shifts of the vacation rental industry first-hand. 

About Destin Getaways

Customer Service & Guest Experiences

What keeps guests coming back to the same vacation rental property or company year after year is customer service and overall experience. At Destin Getaways, we take this very seriously. Repeat guests are commonplace because of the effort we put forth to be sure our guests are taken care of and problems solved as soon as they arise. Each guest receives a small gift when they arrive to show our appreciation and keep us top of mind for them as they plan future vacations. 

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Marketing Strategy

A successful property management company utilizes both emerging marketing tactics and tried-and-true practices. Marketing strategies include social media marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), blog content, email marketing, print marketing, and more. At Destin Getaways, we utilize all of these strategies and more. We keep a close eye on the market, new distribution channels, industry trends, and seasonal strategy, all of which help promote our properties and ensure regular bookings. 

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