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Top Vacation Rental Amenities to Get Your Home Booked

10 Mar 2023
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Property Management

If you own a Destin | Miramar Beach | 30A vacation rental home or you are looking to buy an investment property, there are many features that you need to keep in mind. It's important to find the perfect property manager to maintain your home as well as ensuring the most popular amenities and conveniences are available for guests. The right property manager can keep your home booked, safe between stays, and earning you money while you're not using it. Destin Getaways is a local property management company with decades of experience working with vacation homeowners who are searching for a trusted partner. Our full-service property management team delivers exceptional experiences for our owners and guests, and we work closely with both. 

Our homeowners can always turn to us for assistance, and we're always open to offer help so that we can build a strong partnership together. We are experts when it comes to keeping occupancy rates high on a home. One of the easiest ways to secure more guests in your vacation home is by offering top-requested amenities. Here are a few of the top requested rental amenities for Destin vacation rentals.


OK, we know this isn't an amenity you can just add to your home, but we can't list our top amenities without mentioning the benefits of beachfront homes and condos. Homes that are along the Gulf of Mexico can be priced higher and have higher occupancy rates. However, you don't have to be right on the sandy shore for it to be an added benefit to your guests. Homes that have a beach view or nearby beach access are also highly sought after. Check to see if your beach view home includes access to a nearby beach, and be sure to let your guests know the closest access point. 

Pool and Hot Tub

A pool and/or hot tub is another highly sought-after amenity that guests look for when booking a beach vacation. If you have a private pool at your home, it's likely to attract groups and families who want to splash around without being at the beach. Destin vacation rentals with a private pool are even great for small events! 

Pool access is also a huge amenity for guests, especially smaller groups and families. If you have a rental home or condo in a community like Sandestin Golf and Beach Resort®, Bella Del Sol, or Tops'l Beach Resort, let your guests know that they have access to the shared community pool. 

Golf Cart(s)

Golf carts are a fun and easy way to get around, and many of our vacation rentals include access to one for guests to get from place to place without their car. Street legal golf carts are a popular form of transportation that can be driven most places along the Emerald Coast with a speed limit of 35 MPH or less. Including a golf cart as an amenity is an unexpected treat for guests who may be visiting for the first time, and it's an increasingly popular amenity for guests who visit the area year after year. 

Open Living and Dining Room

Having an open living and dining area is great for several reasons. First, it looks like your rental is bigger and provides an open space for guests to relax. Whether you have a large rental home for families and groups or a condo ideal for couples, an open living and dining room provides a homey space where everyone can gather. 

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