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Rainy Day in Destin

destin rainy day
5 Oct 2022
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Trip Planning

You might not have planned on rain during your vacation. While it may put a damper on some things, it also opens the door for new activities. Destin is a little beach town where most activities are centered around sunshine. For those rainy days, there is still so much to enjoy in the area and might even lead you to trying out something new! Start planning your trip today with these great rainy day activities in Destin!

Destin Arcades

Let's start with arcades. Every kid loves the arcade. We recommend Fat Daddy's Arcade and Pizza. They have a great selection of games for all ages. Having a kid myself I like going here just because I get more tickets for my buck. Most arcades you have to spend a lot of money to get a decent amount of tickets however, that's not the case at Fat Daddy's. The Track in Destin also has an arcade but it is smaller due to the main attractions being outdoors.

Go to the Movies

The movies are always a great choice! AMC at the Destin Commons is a fabulous movie theater. They have plenty of movie theaters allowing for multiple show times that work for any type of family. The seats are also extremely comfortable which is a must if you are watching a 2 to 3 hour movie. The second one we recommend is The Grand Boulevard theater. This theater is designed more for couples or adults with no children. They do one movie a night and you can choose to eat and watch. They provide dinner and drinks.

Shopping in Destin

Destin has great shopping. Our malls are outdoors, however they provide enough covering to not get wet when walking from store to store. You can check out the Destin Commons that features shopping and restaurants. If you're looking for a great deal the Silver Sands Premium Outlet Mall is a great choice.

It would be great if it never rained causing a disturbance in vacation time however, its unavoidable at times. We hope to provide our guest with ideas for things to do while here whether it's sunny or rainy. Destin can be enjoyed from any aspect we are after all a great vacation spot!

Spend Time in Your Destin Vacation Rental

Whether you want to sit and watch the rain fall on the beach or you want to cozy up with a good book, your vacation rental is the best place to ride out a rainy day. With a fully-equipped kitchen to enjoy some delicious meals, you can enjoy some quality family time followed by some games or streaming a movie. There is plenty to love about rainy days in Destin and even more to love when the sun comes out the next day! Browse through our available vacation rentals and book yours today!

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