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Reputation for Customer Service & Satisfaction

Destin Getaways has received great reviews about owner rental services in Destin, FL!

“I have been associated with Destin Getaways for the past 7 years. They handle my real estate and rental property programs. They have been very professional in their approach to all aspects of my needs. I have had excellent results with them and would highly recommend them for any property needs. As in respect to rental properties, during prime rental season they kept my units occupied with minimal number of vacancy days.”
-John E. Pound, Columbus, GA
Ciboney & Luau

“Destin Getaways has been managing my condo at Amalfi Coast Resort for 8 years. Their fees are very reasonable and they are also very responsive to any service that I need. This is extremely important since I live quite a distance from Florida and am not familiar with the local contractors. I need someone I can trust locally. They are also very prompt forwarding the rental income to me on a monthly basis.”
-Suzanne Simon, Arlington, VA

“I have worked with Crye-Leike since we bought our home in Destin two years ago. It has been such a pleasure to work with them. They are very responsive, efficient and give my home personal attention. They know the home and take care of like it is their own. They are willing to shop around for contractors, deal with any maintenance issues, meet furniture delivery trucks and send me pictures during deliveries so I can be involved in the process. I have even bought items over the phone and asked them to pick them up and take to house. I furnished my home from a distance and without them I would not be able to do it from Dallas. They are available 24/7 for renters and I have gotten calls from them dealing with issues at 3 am. I have used other property management companies for my other homes and must say that Crye-Leike is the best. I would highly recommend them. Feel Free to contact me if you have any questions.”
-Reem Ghalib, MD, Dallas, TX
Gulf Paradise

“Sanctuary at Redfish Condominiums was originally built for a non-rental project. Due to many reasons some owners were forced to rent their units in order to keep them. The Board of Directors voted that a rental company could rent these units on a trial bases. We chose Destin Getaways due to their reputation in the market, and John Paulsen and his team have truly delivered a top notch service not only to the guest they book here at Redfish but are one of the most professional teams to work with. They are very prompt to respond to any needs, and do a great job in keeping the units booked and our owner’s happy.”
-Barbra Martins, Blue Mountain Beach, FL
Sanctuary At Redfish, Property Manager

My wife and I have owned a townhouse in Destin Florida and rented it to vacationers since 2002. Over that time we have used several rental agents. We have been with Destin Getaways since 2008 and have been very happy with their service. Our rentals have increased significantly since we began working with them. John Paulsen and the people at Destin Getaways have always done exactly what they said they were going to do. We appreciate them and have never had any trouble with the people they have placed in our vacation home. As part of their service, Destin Vacations has placed a dedicated person in the office at our complex. She has been very helpful both to owners as well as to renters. She has been a friendly face to greet new guests and, just as importantly, as our eyes and ears to make sure that if our guests have any problems – can’t connect to the Wi-Fi, garbage disposal not working, etc. – that they have a person on-site they can go to for help.”
-Tim & Lori Christian, Miramar Beach, Florida
Owners/President of Gulf Winds East Owners Association

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